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CVTA Back in the Days

  • IMG 0563
    Another end of the week group shot.
  • IMG 0606-1
    Getting work in
  • IMG 0605-1
    Getting work in
  • 20150723 094106
    Campers posing after a long week of good tennis.
  • IMG 6092
    CVTA board members, participants, and City Council officials celebrate the ground breaking of the new public tennis center.
  • CVTAChamps
    CVTA juniors display the second place medals they won at the 2009 Regional NJTL in Dallas in July.
  • TeamJumpforJoyJPG
    The CVTA Second Place Regional Rally winners celebrate their success at the annual rally in Dallas.
  • IMG 7634
    Fun comes in all sizes...including one of the youngest CVTA campers!
  • IMG 7635
    A new player shows great form during his first camp lesson!
  • IMG 7637
    Coach Penry demonstrates good form to a new student.
  • IMG 7664
    Coach Fuqua works with students on their groundstrokes.
  • IMG 7680
    Concentration is part of the game!
  • IMG 7683
    Looks like Eric Brumbaugh and Coach Cullen Holbrook are happy!
  • IMG 7684
    Looks like fun net game in action with one of CVTA's advanced players!
  • IMG 7689
    Dillion Boyles participates in a "spelling" game during with the advanced group.
  • IMG 7686
    Claire Wooten cheers on her partner!
  • IMG 7690
    Looks like a "spell" game is underway!
  • IMG 7694
    Looks like a serious junior during a volley drill!
  • IMG 7695
    A CVTA junior works on her volley.
  • IMG 7696
    Brooks Scott demonstrates concentration and good form!