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Captain's Meeting Information

San Angelo Captain's Meeting Agenda


Changes for 2018:

Team Match: In order for it to count as a team match, a majority of the matches must be played. In the case of invalid matches (less than the minimum number of matches played) if scores are entered in Tennislink they will count only for NTRP ratings and advancement (like one of your two required to go to sectionals)

Clarification on a rule:

Q: When a match is postponed following exchange of line-ups, do the original line-ups stand for the make-up match?

A: If the Section speak to the issue the Section rule would be followed. Otherwise, the line-up would stand only for those positions that had already started (first service attempt) their match. All other positions, even those that are in warm-up may be changed including defaulted courts. 




Local 2018 Rule Changes:

Forfitures/Defaults:  If a team cannot field the required lines at the scheduled date/time of play, then they must default those lines. This excludes weather-related rescheduled matches. 

Local 2017 Rule Changes to remember for 2018:

*Players register through Tennis Link and must be a current USTA member prior to playing first match. Players not registered are subject to forfeiture of the match.

*Teams can add up to two players at any time after the first scheduled match (initial roster) and up until the last two scheduled matches. Remember players must have played at least two matches locally to qualify for Sectionals, hence the deadline is before the lasy two scheduled matches. We will no longer have a mid-season for add-ons.

*If the winning captain has not entered the scores within 48 hours the losing captain may enter the scores. Winning captain can verify.

*Determining League Winner: Matches, Head to Head, Sets, Games and in event of a games tie, San Angelo will go back to the last head to head match winner.


2018 Operating Procedures for San Angelo Leagues

1.The USTA League program is composed of two Divisions: Adult and Mixed. The age groups for play are now called "Age Divisions" and include Adult 18 & Over, 40 & Over, 55 & Over, and 65 & Over for the Adult Division and 18 & Over, 40 & Over, and 55 & Over for the Mixed Division. We will also offer Combo and Tri-Level.

2.Locally for Adults 18 & Over, 40 & Over and Mixed, the maximum number of players on a team is 14 for leagues with historically four or more teams and 13 players for leagues with three or fewer teams historically (with the exception of 18 & Over, 4.0s may have up to 16). Adult 55 & Over, Combo, & Tri-Level with a minimum of 6 players will be allowed 12 members. Adult 2.5 & Lonestar teams with a minimum of 5 may have up to 10 on their roster.

**Teams can add up to two players at any time after the forst scheduled match (initial roster) and up until the last two scheduled matches. Remember players must have played at least two matches locally to qualify for Sectionals, hence the deadline is before the last two scheduled matches.

3.For leagues that consists of only two teams in a level of play, each team must maintain its roster with at least 40% of its payers at the designated NTRP level of play. Three team leagues don't have to follow this rule. Adult 55 & Over is excluded from this at it uses combined ratings.

4.Default rule: To qualify for sectional play, a player must have played a minimum of 2 matches with only one default counting for leagues that have a National program (Adult 18 & Over, 40 & Over, 55 & Over, Mixed 18+, Mixed 40+) To qualify for sectional play for Combo, Adult 65+, Mixed 55+ & Tri-Level players must play at least once with only one default locally.

a.In order to advance to Nationals in Adult or Mixed leagues, a player must have played at least 3 matches with one default counting. A retired match shall count.

5.Players on teams that withdraw from a Sectionals with 14 days of the tourney or cause a full team forfeit before completing all scheduled matches are not allowed to attend any sectional event for a period of 12 months.

6.Ratings are valid for 3 years for players 50 years and under, and 2 years for those 60 and older.You must have played at least 3 matches against players with a dynamic rating in order to produce a dynamic rating for yourself.

7.Self Rating form online: If a player was a Super Champ in 16s or 18s in the past five years, he/she must self-rate at or above a 4.5 level. Former HS players can't play below 3.0. For Adult 18 & Over, each player shall have reached 18 years of age prior to, or during the calendar year in which plays their first league match. For Adult 40 & Over, player must reach 40 during the calendar year. If you have a player that needs to self-rate, they need to do it themselves, not the captain.

8.Year-End Ratings can be appealed up or down online. No longer have Early Start Ratings.

9.League Fees TBD based on number of teams participating and type of league.

10.Format: Goal to have a 6-9 week league for Adult 18 & Over, 40 & Over and Mixed. Format depends on number of teams determined after Jan 11th. Other leagues depend on number of participating teams.

Subject to Change:

11.Registration opens online Jan 15th for Adult 40 & Over and 2.5 Ladies, and Feb 3rd for Adult 18 & Over (3.0-4.5).

12.Days to Play (subject to change depending on court availability adn number of teams)

Adult 40 & Over begins week of Feb 5;

Adult Lonestar/2.5 Women begins Feb. 15th on Thursday.

Mixed 40 & Over Tournament: March 23-25: 6.0, 7.0 & 8.0 teams

Adult 18 & Over begins week of April 2nd

Mixed 18 & Over begins week of June 4th

Adult 55+ starts June 24th(earlier than last year)Mixed 55+ TBD or July 7-9Adult 65+ starts July 10thCombo starts July 31stTri-Level starts October 16th

13.Take advantage of the different leagues there are to play. Estimated dates on attached calendar. 

2018 League Claendar