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Captain's Meeting Information

USTA League Captains’ Meeting

Thursday, Jan 7, 7pm via ZOOM.

The 2021 Meeting has been changed to virtual ONLY. There will NOT be an in-person meeting this year. There are not too many Leagues changes for 2021 (see below).

If you would rather participate via ZOOM:

Topic: Adult League Captain's Meeting Call

Time: Jan 7, 2021 07:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 980 0357 0139

Passcode: 802498

If you have suggestions or concerns you would like to discuss please email them to me

The captain’s packet will be available on or I can email it.

2021 League Season:

We are going to switch the Adult 18&Over and the Adult 40&Over League Seasons . The 40&Over Qualifying tourney is Apr 24-25, 18&Over is June 26-27. In 2022, Adult 40&Over Sectionals will be in June so this new calendar will get us on the same calendar as 2022.

*Days of play are subject to court availability. Which could become strict w/ facilities’ covid policies.

Adult 40&Over will begin the week of January 25

Sundays: Women 4.0 unless a holiday (then Tues 6:30), Sundays 3pm

Mondays: 3.5 Women 6:30pm

Tues: 3.5 Men 6:30pm ( 4.0 Women when Sun holiday)

Wed: 4.5 Men 6:30pm if we have two teams, 3.0 Women

Thurs: 4.0 Men

2.5 Adult 18&Over Women Adult 18&Over 2.5 Women begin Thurs Feb 4. (Thurs play 6:30pm)

Adult 40&Over Sectionals: Aug 27-29 Houston, Adult 40&Over Qualifying Tourney Apr 24-25


Adult Ages 18-39 League

Wednesdays, beginning Jan 27. No Sectionals this year but we could play a local “USTA Social league” if interested. Maybe even a 3.0 & 3.5 combined. Let me know!

Adult 18&Over will begin the week of March 29.

Mondays: 3.5 Women

Tuesday: 3.5 Men

Wednesdays: 4.5 Men

Thurs: 4.0 Men & 3.0 Women

Sundays: 4.0 Women (Tues if skip a Sun)

Adult 18&Over Qualifying Tournament - June 26-27 Adult 18&Over Sectionals: July 30-Aug 1 (2.5,3.5,4.5s) Aug 6-8 (Lonestar,3.0,4.0,5,0s

Save the Dates:

March 5-7: Level 5 - San Angelo Adult Major Zone

April 29-May 2: Level 5 - Senior/Super Senior Major Zone - (Thurs April 29nd for 65&Over singles if needed)

New Rules for 2021!

Please make note when forming your teams. **Self rated (S) and Appealed (A) players must play 3 times with no defaults counting to be eligible for Sectionals. They must play 4 times, with no defaults counting, to be eligible for Nationals. It is up to the captains to monitor this, so S & A players, remind your captains that you need 3 matches.

Local Rule Change:*Teams can add up to two players at any time after the first scheduled match (initial roster) and up until the last three scheduled matches. Remember players must have played at least two matches (3 matches if they are self-rated or appealed) locally to qualify for Sectionals, hence the deadline is before the last three scheduled matches.

*No Ratings published for 2020. There will be a new appeals process for 2021 only.

*Tennislink Enhancements - new registration process and new Captain’s Corner. A Team’s registration can be designated as “Closed”, “Open” to allow others to join a team who didn’t originally have one, or “Closed but Seeking” and players can reach out to captains. This system allows players to seek teams or sign up for teams that are open (not requiring a team #).

Reminders from 2020 Rule changes:

**18 year old players cannot sign up for a team until they actually turn 18.

**40 & Over League will still be 1 singles and 3 doubles.

Please let me know if you have any questions and please communicate these changes with your teammates. I don't have everyone's email and not everyone opted in for League Communication on Tennislink (which I highly recommend in the future.)

*If you are interested in playing but need help finding a team, please let me know.

Adult 55&Over: Must have 2-team league to advance.

-6.0, 7.0, 8.0 teams of combined rating doubles. 3 lines.

-Weekend tourney Feb 19-21, or Saturdays beginning Feb 20

-Sectionals - May 21-23, Dallas entry deadline 4/15/21

-Let me know if interested

MIXED 40&Over Tournament: March 26-28:

6.0, 7.0 & 8.0 teams - Sectionals June 4-6, Austin. Deadline 5/1/21

Mixed 18&Over begins week of June 7:

6.0, 7.0 8.0 teams - Sectionals Sept 17-19, Abilene

Mixed 55+-Oct 1-3,

Combo –July 26,

TriLevel-Oct 4,

Adult 65+ -Can set a weekend date if we have teams, otherwise go directly to sectionals.

Contact San Angelo USTA League Coordinator, Courtney Nagel FMI. 325- 212-7275. for local rules & calendar


USTA Captain's Packet Link


Important SA League Dates